Cabarrus Cooperative Extension Fall Plant Sale

Deadline to order is Thursday, October 30, 2014

Plants will be available for pick up on November 6-7 (9am – 5pm) at the Cabarrus County Cooperative Extension Office (715 Cabarrus Ave-West, Concord, NC  28027).  You will receive a reminder note prior to plants arriving.

 All proceeds from the  Plant Sale provide Cooperative Extension programming support.  

This plant sale is a fundraiser for Cabarrus County Cooperative Extension.  All plants are grown in nurseries in Georgia or Alabama.  All orders are non-refundable. Plants do not have a warranty.  

To download a plant sale brochure with detailed information about each plant variety, click HERE.

CLICK HERE to place your order ONLINE. (Orders will be accepted starting September 15, 2014)

Or call 704-920-3310; weekdays; between 8am and 5pm.

All plants are sold in 1-gallon containers and are well adapted to the piedmont growing conditions. Cost for plants is $9 each.  If you order 10 or more plants, the cost is $8 each.  


At least two different varieties of blueberries must be planted to ensure cross-pollination in order to produce fruit.

Climax: Ripens mid to late season.  Fruits are medium size with good flavor and average stem scar.  Plants have good upright growth.
Premier: Late ripening normally in mid to late July.  Upright growth with average vigor.  Midium size fruit, good flavor, dry stem scar.
Brightwell: Late ripening variety in July to early August.  Moderately vigorous with upright growth.  Large fruit, dark blue, good stem scar.

Arapaho: Thornless variety. Erect-growing with medium fruit and good flavor. Ripens over a four-week period.
Triple Crown: Thornless variety. Fruit are large in size, and have an excellent sweet flavor. Fruit ripen later than most varieties with very good yields. Triple Crown has fairly firm fruit. This semi-erect variety may require some trellising.

Cowart: Black; fruit are medium size, ripen early to mid season, have very large clusters, excellent flavor, good quality and a wet stem scar.  Plants are very vigorous and disease resistant.
Triumph: Bronze; fruit are very large in size, ripen early, large clusters, and has good flavor. Plants are disease resistant and the growth habit is very vigorous. Uses: Wine, Home, Juice and Jelly.

Dorman Red: Medium to large in size, firm, juicy, excellent flavor, and ripen mid to late summer. Heat, drought, and disease resistant. Berries are not fully ripe when they first turn red. The fruit is ripe when they are a dark red.


Brown Turkey: Bears twice a year, with flesh turning from various shades of amber to pink. The skin is copper brown. Very hardy. Ripens early and late summer.
Celeste: Fruit are small to medium in size. Light brown to violet brown skin. Whitish pink color flesh. Very few seeds. Ripens early summer.

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