How to Keep Your Garden Growing All Summer!

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As the temperature rises the desire to spend time out in the garden completing maintenance tasks lessens.

Here are some tips to help you weather the approaching summer season:

-Water early and deeply

By watering early in the morning and for a longer amount of time you are avoiding the stress of the sun and warm temperatures and encouraging the plant to develop deeper root systems that will require less frequent watering.

-Put the right plant in the right place

Plant with high water requirements should be conveniently planted where they will be easy to water. Even go as far to group plants with high water use requirements together. Plants with more frequent water requirements are annuals, hanging baskets, container plantings, fruits, and vegetables. Planting trees, shrubs, fruits, and perennials in the fall can help plants grow a deeper root system that will require less watering than spring plantings of the same plants.

-Set up a watering system

You can purchase a hose, sprinkler head and an irrigation timer to use throughout the garden. Set up your system and have some of your watering needs automated!

Use a spray attachment on your hose with multiple settings, I like to set it to flood and utilize the hook on the handle to lay the spray nozzle at the base of a plant to slowly water while I complete other tasks in the garden.

Bonus Tip! Overwatering shows the same symptoms as underwatering! Wilting can look the same for both, use the ultimate tool your finger to check soil moisture or purchase a moisture meter at a local garden store to use.

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