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Fall/Winter Classes 2020

4-H'ers waving during a Zoom call

Cabarrus County 4-H:  A little bit different, but still the same!

Join us for some great hands-on learning events, all hosted virtually.

Virtual doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, be interactive, hands-on, or a great experience. We just have to do things a bit differently! Our classes are set up to give you instruction time, one on one individualized attention when needed, opportunity to share and celebrate and on your own work time. We have lots of smiling volunteers ready to help you out along the way. Let’s keep learning!

Fall/Winter Classes 2020

Date Class Title Description Registration
Fridays at 10 a.m. Starting  9/18 Fall Gardening Club Join us as we explore fall gardening in the Carolinas. Youth can grow items in their own home or community garden. Outside space not required. Flexible Gardening and material options available. Register
9/18  9 a.m. Coastal Ecology
Students will explore the vibrant ecology of the Albemarle Sound, learning about the plants and animals that call this unique ecosystem home. Presented by The Eastern 4-H Center – Available live or recorded, Virtually. Part of the NC 4-H Nature Adventures Series.
3rd Tuesday at 6 p.m. Starting 9/15 Virtual Project Club 4-H projects allow youth to pick any topic and learn more about it. Join us as we develop our own projects for the fall. Ages 5-18. Perfect for beginner 4-H’ers or those needed help with their project record book. Register
October 1  9 a.m. Beaver Pond Explorations Students explore a decades old beaver pond habitat, learn how to identify evidence of beaver activity, and discover why beavers are important to many other plants and animals. Presented by Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center. Part of the NC 4-H Nature Adventures Series. register
1st Tuesday at 6 p.m. starting 10/6 Teen Leadership Club Perfect for teens who are seeking a collaborative group to learn about themselves, how to lead others, and make connections in the community. Each month we will be learning a new leadership strategy or activity. Perfect for teens who already serve in leadership roles and are in need of activities to help lead others and for those seeking to learn more about themselves, their leadership styles, priorities and values. Youth must be enrolled in Select Teen Leadership Club in the club options. register
October 14, 9 a.m. Pine Forest Ecology Explore the unique Longleaf Pine ecosystem of the North Carolina Sandhills with a wildlife expert, featuring one of the most beautifully restored Longleaf Pine stands in the south eastern US. Presented by Millstone 4-H Camp. Part of the NC 4-H Nature Adventures Series. register
10/19-10/29  3-4 p.m. Poncho Sew-Along Join us for step by step directions for how to sew a wool poncho for yourself or to gift to someone else. Instructions will be recorded, do not need to be present. Register
October 27, 9 a.m.  Stories in the Stars Astronomy Students investigate the myths behind constellations, learn about current astronomical events, and explore what they can find in the night sky right now. Part of the NC 4-H Nature Adventures Series. register
10/27-12/15 Successful Teens Teens are leaders, organized, and goal setters. Let us show you how! Register
November 9, 2020 Nature Crafts Students will build simple nature crafts like toad homes and bird feeders, then use their crafts to collect data, make observations and develop inferences about the natural world and the species they find there. Part of the NC 4-H Nature Adventures Series. register
November 20 Outdoor Survival Skills Students will learn survival skills including the Rule of 3, the Ten Essentials, how not to get lost, and how to survive in the wilderness. Then students will apply what they’ve just learned with a mock survival scenario where they have to make decisions about how to survive. Part of the NC 4-H Nature Adventures Series. register
December 8 Sharks Teeth and Fossils Students learn where and how to find & identify fossils. Students will explore different types of fossils and dive deep on shark teeth. The session instructor will share his personal fossil collection to show and tell what he’s found over the last ten years. Part of the NC 4-H Nature Adventures Series. register
12/2-12/23  Wednesdays 2-3 p.m. “Mile-a-Minute”  Quilting for Beginners Make a super easy pattern for your first quilting experience. Perfect for a present or something to work on over the holiday break. Instructions will be recorded, presence not required.