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Cabarrus Cooperative Extension Fall Plant Sale

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Plants will be available for pick up between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on November 7 & 8 at the N.C. Cooperative Extension Cabarrus County Center (715 Cabarrus Ave-West, Concord, NC  28027). You will receive a reminder note prior to plants arriving. 
All proceeds from the  Plant Sale provide N.C. Cooperative Extension programming support. This plant sale is a fundraiser for the Cabarrus County Center of N.C. Cooperative Extension. All plants are grown in a nursery in Georgia. All orders are non-refundable. Plants do not have a warranty.

Download a plant sale brochure with detailed information about each plant varietyOr call 704-920-3310; weekdays; between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

All berry plants are sold in 1-gallon containers and are well adapted to the Piedmont growing conditions. Cost for plants is $10 each.


At least two different varieties of blueberries must be planted to ensure cross-pollination in order to produce fruit.
Climax: Ripens mid to late season. Fruits are medium size with good flavor and average stem scar. Plants have good upright growth.
Premier: Late ripening normally in mid to late July. Upright growth with average vigor. Medium size fruit, good flavor, dry stem scar.
Tifblue: Ripens mid to late season. Fruit are medium size with good flavor and an average stem scar. Plants have a good upright growth habit. Tifblue is one of the oldest cultivars that is still being planted.
Brightwell:  Fruit ripens in early June through mid July. Plants have very vigorous and upright growing characteristics. Very reliable variety for fruiting. Harvest period is 35 days. Berries have a medium size, excellent flavor, and a dry stem scar.

Navaho:  Fruit are medium in size, excellent flavor and average sugar content. Fruit ripen mid season over a 5-6 week period.
Ouichata: Fruit are large in size, very good flavor, and an average sugar content of 10- 11%. Fruit ripen mid season over five weeks with consistently high yields.

Cowart: Black; fruit are medium size, ripen early to mid season, have very large clusters, excellent flavor, good quality and a wet stem scar. Plants are very vigorous and disease resistant.
Triumph: Bronze; fruit are very large in size, ripen early, large clusters, and has good flavor. Plants are disease resistant and the growth habit is very vigorous. Uses: Wine, Home, Juice and Jelly.

Nova: Fruit are medium in size, dark red, and ripen early. Plants have average growth height and are fairly disease resistant.
Heritage:   Fruit are large in size, dark red, and very sweet. Plants have upright vigorous growth habits. Adapts well in most well drained soils.

Goji Berries
This bright orange-red berry ranges from 1/2 to 1 inch long. Berries have a slight sweet with mildly tangy flavor. Berries can be eaten fresh, made into juice, wine or herbal tea, or dried and enjoyed as a snack. Shrub will grow approximately 8-10 feet in full sun.


Fig Trees
Fig trees come in 1-gallon containers. Cost per tree is $10.
Brown Turkey: Bears twice a year, with flesh turning from various shades of amber to pink. The skin is copper brown. Very hardy. Ripens early and late summer.
Celeste: Fruit are small to medium in size. Light brown to violet brown skin. Whitish pink color flesh. Very few seeds. Ripens early summer.

Japanese Persimmon
Persimmon trees come in 3-gallon containers. Cost is $25 per tree.
Fuyu:   Fruit are non-astringent, medium to large in size, excellent flavor, dark orange skin, light orange flesh, and ripens late. Tree growth habit is vigorous and upright. Fuyu is the most common variety of persimmon around the world. It has many great qualities that make it highly recommended for planting.

Pear Trees 
Pear trees come in 5-gallon containers. Cost is $25 per tree.
Keiffer:  Fruit are large in size, golden yellow in color, white flesh, crunchy and sweet. Trees have vigorous growth, are very hardy, blight resistant, and prolific. Produces fruit in late September. Recommend planting two of this self fertile variety to ensure pollination.
Bartlett:  Fruit are large in size, yellowish brown in color, white flesh, very sweet, juicy, and ripen mid-season. Trees are medium in size with upright growth. They are ideal for planting in smaller areas.

Apple Trees 
Apple trees come in 5-gallon containers. Cost is $25 per tree.
Fuji: Fruit are medium in size, yellowish green with red tint skin, white flesh, very crisp, juicy, and ripens mid-season.
Rome: Rounded, all red, very glossy, with a thick skin and firm flesh. they taste great off the tree but are primarily used for baking, as it flavor develops when cooked, and holds it shape well.
Gala: Fruit are medium to large in size, golden skin with red striping, white flesh, crisp, good flavor, and ripens mid-season. Tree growth habit is vigorous and upright.

Pomegranate Tree
Pomegranate trees come in 3-gallon containers. Cost is $25 per tree.

Salavatski: Large fruit with orange red skin with red arils. Fruit has excellent flavor and taste. This tree produces red flowers in summer and delicious red fruit in early fall. It’s a cold hardy variety that may be able to withstand temperatures down to -6F.
Wonderful: Best, largest, most highly colored cultivar. Extra-large fruit that has a glossy blushed red skin that gets the size of a large orange. Rich, crimson heart. Finest quality. Has a sharp-tart flavor which is highly prized. Self-fertile however fruit set is increased by planting two or more. Adapts to most soils.

Pecan Tree
Pecan trees come in 5-gallon containers. Cost is $40 per tree.
Kiowa:  Large oblong nuts with thin shell. Very meaty. Has excellent quality and vigorous tree bears heavily in as little as 5-6 years. Self-fruitful and disease resistant. Pollinate with Oconee.
Oconee:  Cross between a Barton and Schley. Good nut size; 55 per lb. Large nut and excellent sheller. Good disease resistance and has an early harvest date. Pollinate with Kiowa.