Presentations, Demonstrations, & Speeches

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Whether you are thinking of Public Speaking or Presentation, you will do a great job! Share your passion with others and showcase all you know!

Things are a bit different this year, but it actually might be easier! Youth will submit an uncut video of themselves doing the presentation to the county agent for competition.

Check out tips & tricks from Mason Lawrence, Pasquotank 4-H Agent.

Please let us know your topic by May 18.  After submitting topic, youth will be invited to a shared Google Drive. Videos must be uploaded to Google Drive by May 28. All youth must be enrolled in 4-H Online. Open to new members. Technical assistance may be arranged following socially distance guidelines. Please email your 4-H Agent to make arrangements.

Rules and Category Information

N.C. 4-H Presentations Rules & Category Information


Here is a good introduction to a demonstration.

This one focuses more on presentation skills.

A great example of a speech for Public Speaking Category.

A state-level presentation from Delaware.

Top 4 things to avoid in your speech/presentation.