4-H Sewing Resources

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Now is a great time to learn or relearn how to sew. Check out these resources for at-home learning.


For our youngest members, we have some great beginner activities that are perfect for their first sewing project.


You can purchase new 4-H sewing curriculum, but the basics haven’t changed in years. You can find some older curriculum with great information that is free to use. There are more in-depth studies as well and even activities to give you more experience.


There are tons of videos out there, but check out this series of 4-H sewing activities, made by 4-H’ers just like you! They are hosting them throughout the summer, so it’s perfect timing! I would highly encourage their video on learning your machine.


Now that you know all about the materials and your machine, try some of the simple sewing items in the projects above. Got questions? Reach out to your 4-H agent to see if there is a sewing club that meets regularly or if he or she can get you in touch with a volunteer who might serve as a mentor.