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School Enrichment Program

4-H has lots to offer our local educators to bring hands-on materials and experiences into the classroom.

Check this out! Cabarrus 4-H has partnered with the Science Club at Cabarrus Tech Early College to train teens as teachers. These Cobra Teaching Assistants are able to come into your elementary classrooms and teach a 30-45 min activity.

Curriculum kits can be checked out from the 4-H Office. Specific kits may have workshops required for check out. Others are first come-first serve.

Curriculum Kits Available:

Junk Drawer Robotics – Forces and motion, hydraulics

Magic of Electricity – electricity, circuits, magnetism

Aerospace – Flight and Rockets

Bug Out – Introduction to Insects

Magnificent Mammals – Furs, scat, tracks and skulls

“Tree”mendous Fun – forestry & tree ID

Project Butterfly Wings – Community Scientist project with Butterfly ID

Entomology – Bug ID & collection guides

Discovery Abilities – Promoting inclusion

Soil Solutions – soil science and growing healthy plants

Geology Rocks – rocks, minerals and fossils

River’s Edge – conservation education through literacy

Life Cycles – compare lifecycles of multiple species

Microbiology – 5th grade and 8th grade

Vermicomposting – worm composting, soil health

The Power of Wind – alternative energies, forces & motion

Shoot for the Stars – Astronomy, solar eclipse

Energy Transformation – energy flow, alternative energies

The Science of Snow – phases of matter, weather

Embryology – Incubation of local chickens *Workshop Required – offered in spring

Grab & Go

These kits are available on a first come first serve basis. Some kits have limited supplies. Check them out on our Grab & Go page. Most of these activities are designed for a 30-60 minute session. We are always adding new ones, so check back often!

Fun STEAM Activities

These kits are available on a first come first serve basis. They range from 60 min sessions to week long activities. Can be structure for most grade levels.

One for the Gripper:  Making a hydraulic gripping “hand”

Eco-Bots:  Design a path for vibrating toothbrush bots to “sweep”

Rockets to the Rescue:  Design a payload rocket to “save an endangered island”

Solar Oven & Solar Car:  Build items powered by the sun

Rainwater Harvester:  Design and Build a device to capture and filter rainwater

Robotic Arm:  Design a functioning hydraulic arm

All kits are reserved through 4-H Agent, Tracy LeCompte. Please email with specific requests to