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Grab N Go Material Kits

Main Category Title Keywords Notes
Chemistry Candy Science chemical reactions  
Chemistry Is Black Really Black? separating solutions, chromatography  
Chemistry Salt & Marble Challenge density, critical thinking, physics  
Chemistry Martian Jelly chemical reactions, acid, base, pH  
Chemistry Drops on a Penny cohesion, adhesion, surfactant  
Chemistry Peep Science chemical reaction, physical reactions  
Chemistry Memory Wire physical reactions, critical thinking  
Chemistry Paper Clip Float surface tension  
Chemistry Amazing Water Race surface tension, cohesion, critical thinking  
Chemistry Elephants Toothpaste chemical reactions  
Chemistry What Makes Nesquick Quick? surfactant, physical reaction, physical properties  
Chemistry What make the Pepper Dance? surfactant, physical reaction, physical properties  
Chemistry Oil Spill Cleanup engineering, chemistry, oil absorbing polymer E-limited supply – use until gone
Chemistry/Life Science Nature Print Paper chemical reactions, natural science E – limited supply – use until gone
Electricity Energy Stick circuits, electricity, conductors  
Engineering Buzzing Noise Makers art, craft, engineering  
Engineering Gliders plane, building, physical science  
Engineering Paper Bridges building, design, experiment  
Health & Wellbeing Glow Germ handwashing, chemical reaction  
Health & Wellbeing What is Diabetes? sugar, health, diabetes  
Life Science Test Tube Terrarium seed germination, life cycle E – limited supply – use until gone
Life Science Garden in a Glove germination, gardening  
Life Science Sproutzilla germination, creative design  
Life Science Mini Green House Terrariums germination, gardening  
Life Science Butterfly Life Cycle models, butterfly, life cycle  
Life Science Bug House insect collecting, craft, arts E-limited Supply – use until gone
Physical Science Magnetic Forces predicting, magnets  
Physical Science Density physical properties, layers  
Physical Science Observation Blocks predicting, matching, observation  
Physical Science Pinwheels wind power, aerodynamics, motion  
Physical Science Balloon Rockets Newton’s Laws, aerodynamics, engineering  
Physical Science Hoop Glider Newton’s Laws, aerodynamics, engineering  
Physics Soda Straw Rockets propulsion, engineering, critical thinking  
Visual Art Corn Husk Dolls historical art, craft, heritage  
Visual Arts Spinning Disk optical illusions, arts, crafts  
Visual Arts Pennies Puzzlers critical thinking  
Visual Arts Quilling fine motor skills, paper craft E-limited supply – use until gone
Visual Arts Paracord Bracelets art, craft, survival, key ring. E-limited Supply – use until gone
Visual Arts Home Grown Soap historical art, craft, heritage, soap making  
Visual Arts/Chemistry Shrinky Dinks art, craft, physical reactions E-limited Supply – use until gone