Backyard Chickens Class & Chicken Adoptive Families

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Hands holding two baby chicksEach year 4-H helps our elementary school youth learn more about lifecycles by training teachers and loaning out equipment to hatch chickens in the classroom. We get eggs from a local breeder, Wendy Sellers at Allee Bubba Farms, and the classroom students incubate, hatch and brood the babies. These chicks are available for adoption by suitable families.

Direct Adoption is available for families who have experience raising chickens. Chicks are available for $3 a bird. Please contact or 704-920-3310 to be put on the adoption list.

Interested families without chicken experience can also register for our backyard chicken class at Class will be held on May 24 from 5-7:30 p.m. Class registration is $25 for six straight run birds and brooder box materials.