4-H Officers and Adult Program Volunteers Needed

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Now is the time for youth to apply to be a County Council officer and adult to apply to assist with the Cabarrus County 4-H Council.

The Cabarrus County 4-H Council helps to guide the overall county 4-H program by giving advice for upcoming activities, leading county-wide meetings, and sharing opportunities with other 4-H youth. Apply by November 20.

Youth Leadership Positions

County Council Officers

Serve as an officer to shape and lead next year’s county 4-H program. Leads county council meetings and events and represent Cabarrus 4-H at community events. Includes scholarships to attend district and state teen leadership trips. Also, serve as youth representatives to the Cabarrus 4-H Advisory Committee. Positions available: President, VP, Sec/Treasurer, Reporter  County Council Officer Guidelines

Adult Leadership Positions

Advisory Committee

Meets 2-3 times per year at meetings called by the 4-H Agent to plan upcoming months of county 4-H program. Opportunity to bring change and new ideas to the overall program. Key Words: Program Change & new ideas

County Council Advisor & Program Coordinator

Work with County Council officers to lead county council meetings (Advisor), organize programs (Program Coordinator) at regular meetings, and coordinate youth needs at these meetings. Keyword: Works with County Council

Volunteer Leader’s Association Chair

Work with 4-H Agent to schedule regular volunteer training and meetings. Includes scholarships to attend district and state VLA conferences. Also serves as 4-H representative on the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Cabarrus County Advisory Board. Keywords: Works with Volunteers