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Show your creative side – enter an item (or a dozen) into our Expressive Arts Contest. Entries are due on or before the County Council meeting on April 23 at the 4-H office. Ages 5-18 as of January 1, 2021. This is a great way to prepare items to be entered in the fair. Register in 4-H Online. Items will be showcased with awards displayed at the Downtown 4-H Art Expo during the first week of May. Youth may enter 1 item in each category. Age Divisions:  Cloverbud (5-7) Junior (8-13) and Senior (14-18)

Awards:  Blue and Red in each category by age division. Best in Class (Sewing, Art, Photography & Other) for each age division and Best in Show for each Age Division.

Code for Entry Category Description
S-1  Clothing or Wearable Accessories  Made of Fabric
S-2 Clothing or Wearable Accessories Made of Fiber; may include, but not limited to: crochet, knit, or woven items.
S-3 Clothing or Wearable Accessories Not Fabric or Fiber:  may include, but not limited to:  jewelry, leatherwork, beading, recycled, duct tape, etc.
S-4 Fabric or Fiber Craft – Not worn Sewn Items. May include, but not limited to: quilts, wall hanging, stuffed items, décor, etc.

Fabric or Fiber Craft – 

Not Worn

Non-Sewn Items. May include, but not limited to: crocheted dish scrubbers, woven potholders, rugs, bowls, decor, etc.
A-1 Painting Any paint type on flat surface; may include, but not limited to acrylic, watercolor, finger paint, oil, food coloring, etc.
A-2 Painting Multiple media on flat surface
A-3 Painting Any paint type on a purchased 3-D object;  may include, but not limited to wooden items, painted ceramics, painted glass, etc, painted by exhibitor (ITEM NOT HAND MADE)
A-4 Drawing Any drawing media in black and white on flat surface; may include, but not limited to chalk, pastel, charcoal, pen, pencil, etc
A-5 Drawing Any drawing media with color on a flat surface; may include, but not limited to colored pencil, ink, chalk, pastel, crayon, marker, etc.
A-6 3-D Art Any Medium in 3-D shape; HAND MADE ITEMS ONLY. May include, but not limited to: wood carving, paper mache, soap, abstract, metal, models, etc.
A-7 Clay & Dough Art Clay or dough items hand made by exhibitor (not purchased & painted) Item must be baked, cured, or hardened in some moldable medium. Includes, but not limited to:  thrown, turned or sculpted pottery, ceramic, clay, etc. 
A-8 Decorative Food/Edible Creations May include, but not limited to: decorated cakes, vegetable carving, plating, potato people, etc.
A-9 Floral Design Real or artificial – may include but not limited to centerpieces, wreaths, swags, corsages, arrangements, etc.
A-10 Paper Craft May include, but not limited to cards, treat boxes, wall hangings, scrapbook pages, décor
A-11 Mosaic & Collage Any variety of items or mix of materials/media in an organized fashion. May include, but not limited to:  perler bead creations, bead art (not jewelry), seed art, paper collage, mixed media collage/design/decoration.
A-12 Fun Foam Any design created with craft foam sheets and/or shapes. May include kits or free design/build
P-1 Photography People – limited to pictures containing people
P-2 Photography Landscape/Nature
P-3  Photography Animals
p-4 Photography Any other photo
P-5 Photography Digital/social media – must use #20CabCoArt and post to social media. Must state social media platform on entry form
4-H-1 Promotional Item Clover or 4-H Promotional Item –May include, but not limited to brochure, flyer, picture, t-shirt, prize, etc.
O-1 Other Unlisted Craft Only items that cannot be entered in any other category.

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Updated on Mar 16, 2021
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