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We are promoting eating the MEDS WAY! You are probably ready to try some new recipes and eat the healthiest you can. Eating like those in the Mediterranean region has been shown to promote health and decrease the risks of many chronic diseases. The MED style of eating has been traditionally practiced in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. Eating the MED way is not only healthy, but it is delicious and satisfying. Foods that you thought of as too high in fat, or unhealthy including nuts, olive oil, olives and whole grains become a part of your daily diet. The MED way of eating also includes lots of fruit and vegetables, fish, nuts and only small amounts of red meat.

Include these foods for the simple steps to eating the MEDS Way:

  • Whole grains
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Olive oil

Limit these items:

  • Sugar
  • Red Meat


  • Highly processed foods
  • Fast foods

I hope you will enjoy eating the MED way! It is simple, satisfying and delicious! Visit for lots of simple recipes to try!


We will periodically be adding recipes for your enjoyment throughout the season. Please feel free to try these delicious and nutritious recipes, send us your opinion and/or suggestions at, and check back often to view additional recipes.

1. Spinach and North Carolina Strawberry Salad  (Source: Home Extension, NC State University)

2. Zucchini Boats Recipe  (Source: “Dinner Tonight” From Texas A&M University Cooperative Extension)

3. Fresh Peach Crumble (Source: “Living Well, More than a Cookbook,” National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

4. Easy Spinach and Chicken Pasta (Source: “Dinner Tonight” From Texas A&M University Cooperative Extension)

5. Pam’s Kitchen Summer 2020  – Summer Vegetable Grilling

6. Pam’s Chicken Casserole  – Winter Channel 22

7. Cranberry Crunch Salad  – Winter Channel 22


As classes are scheduled and/or important information arises, we will be noting those events here.


Episodes of Pam’s Kitchen can be viewed at: Pam’s Kitchen on Channel 22